The Team Behind The Fans Group

Below you will see the team behind the fans group. We are all passionate supporters of Edinburgh Rugby and have all been fans for many years. If you look around the stands at games you are sure to bump into one of us. After a game some of us even partake in a light refreshment in the Clubhouse bar.

Team behind the fans group - Nicola Garforth

Nicola Garforth


I have been a fan of rugby most of my life and have been a season ticket holder at Edinburgh Rugby since 2017. 
Brought up in Glasgow (near Scotstoun) I suppose I should have been a Warriors fan but my heart lay elsewhere with Edinburgh Rugby. 

My favourite Edinburgh players

are Henry Pyrgos, Hamish Watson, George Taylor and Pierre Schoeman although Henry gets the top spot as all group members soon realise. While often claiming I don’t have favourites everyone knows this not to be true. 
If you join our group be sure to say hello and if you see me at a match come over for a chat.

Team behind the fans group - Kirstie Cooper

Kirstie Cooper


I have always had a love of rugby & enjoyed going to grass roots games when I had time. Since my son could pick up a ball & throw it, our lives have been full of rugby. I am the minis convenor for my 9 year old son Xander’s club Lasswade RFC Minis, which can be a full time job in itself.
I am hugely grateful for

every single one of them & the passion & desire they bring out in Xander to become a pro player. Always happy to meet our fabulous members, so if you see me come say hi.

Team behind the fans group - Simon Boothroyd

Simon Boothroyd


I was born just a few metres outside the boundary of a certain large city to the west. I went to a rugby playing school and so had no choice but to become a fan of the game. (Expressing an interesting in the round ball game could get you six of the belt, and rightly so!) One of my PE teachers was Ian “Mighty Mouse” McLauchlan. 

Both he and I soon realised I was a better spectator than a player, so I have been cheering on at the sidelines ever since.

I have always believed in supporting the local team. When I moved to Edinburgh in 1984, I went to many a match at various clubs. I have been an Edinburgh Rugby season ticket holder through good times and not so good. I particularly love away games where we get to meet different fans, chat up French bar maids, and drink the local “waters”. All the players are my favourites, but my favourite favourite is The Greatest Schoeman.

Team behind the fans group - Susan Burrell

Susan Burrell


Hi I’m a newish moderator and love this group.
I got into Rugby when I worked for the Edinburgh Evening News as a photographer and I used to cover the games, the more I did the more I loved rugby.
Rugby supporters are like a family that I’m very proud to be a part of

Jenny Casson

Jenny Casson


My name is Jenny and I love rugby.
I first recall watching international games with my dad. He told me that it was important to watch people at the top of their game, but it never really extended to other sports! 
I got more involved when my

daughter began to play.
My natural environment is beside a rugby pitch, whether its watching Edinburgh,  or helping out with my favourite grass roots teams. 
Sometimes they let me play touch! 
I have an extensive and beloved rugby family for which I am eternally grateful.

Darren Coutts

Darren Coutts


I was born up in the north of Scotland and was a fan of rugby from an early age supporting the Scotland team in the 5 nations, as it was back then. I moved to Edinburgh to study and have lived in the great city ever since. Before the advent of the professional

game I would often go and watch Boroughmuir play but over the last few years Edinburgh Rugby has become my sporting passion.

I have been a season ticket holder now for many seasons and have also traveled to several away matches. The most memorable has to be the trip Toulon which turned into an incredible few days minus ‘The tear gas’. It was there that my fellow admin came up with the idea of the Bruheads and you will often see our bright orange wigs if you look around the stands at Murrayfield.

Team behind the fans group -Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald


I am from just outside Falkirk, I played rugby when I was a little boy for a year or two however my mum stopped me going as she was scared I would hurt someone! Became interested again at high school until girlfriends became more of a priority.

Now a family man I see how important the influences of rugby values are. Because of this I started taking my kids along to Edinburgh games and Scottish internationals. Since then I started playing prop for Bo’ness Rugby Club. I love all things rugby and everything Edinburgh. My fave players are Hamish and Darcey.

Iain Stirling

Iain Stirling


My name is Iain and I was first introduced to this wonderful game back at high school when I lived in Fife. The first international I ever went to was the famous match against Wales in 1975. 

When the game moved from amateur to professional some said it would kill all the values of the game.
What hasn’t changed are the characters you meet and friends you make both home and away. 
My favourite Edinburgh players from the past are Andy Irvine and Simon Taylor.. of the current team Rambo and Darcy get my vote.